Curriculum Vitae

This page provides selections of my work.  For a full list of my publications, presentations, and teaching experience, please click on the button to download my CV.


2017                 Princeton University, Ph.D. candidate, Sociology

2011                  Harvard Divinity School, M.T.S., Religions of the Americas

2008                 Duke University, B.S., Biological Anthropology/Human Anatomy, Religious Studies


Board Liaison and Project Manager, Miami City Ballet

Research and Teaching Interests

Sociology of Culture; Sociology of Religion; Economic Sociology; Urban Sociology; Urban Ethnography; Theory; Sociology of Art; Race and Ethnicity

Publications (Peer-reviewed)

Garcia, Alfredo, and Joseph Blankholm.  2016.  “The Social Context of Organized Nonbelief: County-Level Predictors of Nonbeliever Organizations in the United States.”  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55(1): 70-90.

Kugelmass, Heather, and Alfredo Garcia.  2015.  “Mental Disorders Among Nonreligious Adolescents.”  Journal of Mental Health, Religion, and Culture.

Garcia, Alfredo.  2014.  “Relational Work in Economic Sociology: A Review and Extension.” Sociology Compass 8(6): 639-647.

Garcia, Alfredo.  2011.   “From Satan to Hume: The Secularization of Suicide in England and the Reaction from the Pulpit.”  Cult/ure 6 (Spring).

Garcia, Alfredo, and Christy Guzzo.  2007.  “Dientes ChiquiTICOS: An Analysis of Juvenile Dentition and Dental Health in Costa Rican Indigenous Communities.”  McGill Journal of Medicine 10 (2): 81-86.

Recent Publications (Popular Press)

2016    “The Dangerous Faith of a Notorious Drug Lord,” Religion&Politics

2015    “The Cuban Church Under ‘Godless Communism,’” Yahoo News

2015.  “Pope Francis Causes Division Among Cubans in Miami,” Religion&Politics

2013.  “The New Jim Crow: Churches Respond to Mass Incarceration,” Religion&Politics

2012.  “The Lonely Life of American Atheists,” Religion&Politics

2010.  “Is the Tea Party unbiblical?” Washington Post and Huffington Post

2010.  “Polls find shifts on gay marriage ban,” The Salt Lake Tribune

2010.  “Muslim Americans, ACLU seek data on FBI profiling,” with Omar Sacirby Huffington Post

2010.  “Evangelical’s bestseller is a must-read for members of Mexican drug cartel,” Washington Post

2010.  “Must Sikhs, Hindus convert to get elected?” National Catholic Reporter

Recent Conference Presentations

2016.   “Street Art and the Global Neighborhood: The Creation of Place and Doing Work for Free.”  Art Market in a Global Perspective Conference, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015.  “Colonial Art as Ethnic Unifier: The Case of Creating a Global Catholic Site in Miami, FL.”  Religion, Art, and Creativity in the Global City, Panel for the 114th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Denver, CO.

2014.  “Mental Illness Among Adolescent ‘Nones.’”  109th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, San Francisco, CA.

2013.  “The Social Context of Nonbelief Organizations.”  American Academy of Religion, Baltimore, MD.

2013.  “Does the Extended Contact Effect Apply to Religion?  An Experimental Design Examining Muslims and Mosques in the United States.”  Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Boston, MA.

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